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Thank you for your time and consideration. My name is Jon Ramsey. I am a highly experienced dedicated professional companion/male escort for discerning individuals and couples. Striving to set the standard for integrity and excellence in personal service, I have consistently ranked among the top elite escorts nationwide. Some of you may have seen me featured as Wade Cutler in BG East wrestling videos.


Based in the Boston, Massachusetts area, I am available for outcalls by appointment. Incall services are only available in New York City during a four-day period approximately every other month. All proposals for sessions involving air travel will be considered after an initial meeting in the New England or New York City areas. Below is the list of future dates when I will host sessions in New York.

New York City, March 12-15, 2020

New York City, May 14-17, 2020

New York City, July 16-19, 2020

New York City, Sept 17-20, 2020


Most likely, if you have experience with escorts or you hookup with guys on social media networks, you have been disappointed. Once you place your trust in me, I will distinguish myself from the competition in virtually every way. Basically, I am a clean cut, clean-shaven all-American callipygian with a regulation Marine Corps haircut and hazel eyes; a Mayflower descendant of mainly English and French heritage; a young looking 45 years of age, 5'7" with 170 pounds of lean muscle, chest 42", waist 32", biceps 17", and quads 25". My body is the result of many years of disciplined and rigorous training to produce a balanced, lifetime steroid free bodybuilding physique. Although I naturally have some body hair, it is trimmed to present a neat yet masculine appearance. My body is free of tattoos and body piercings. I do not smoke, drink, or use any drugs. Also, I am completely disease free. Educated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, Summa Cum Laude; Honorably discharged veteran and military Intelligence Specialist. Poised and polished for any occasion, be it formal or casual. Honest, reliable and I'm told an engaging conversationalist. As a certified personal fitness trainer, I am always willing to help clients with supportive fitness advice and counsel.

Personally, I am sensitive, compassionate, non-judgmental and sincere. Regardless of your circumstance or appearance, you will always be treated with dignity and respect. Put your confidence in my ability to make you comfortable without apprehension or self-consciousness. People often say that I have a disarming smile, a delightful sense of humor and a natural gift for making others feel special. Your feelings are more important to me than your money. I value direct and honest communication and will deliver what is promised, or you pay nothing. I am not a hustler, but rather a conscientious professional with that increasingly rare moral faculty, otherwise known as a conscience, who will never take advantage of anyone.

My rates are competitive with other quality escorts and I'm confident that you will find my services a far better value. Fees are for time only. Rest assured, your privacy and trust will never be compromised and absolute discretion is exercised at all times. I am the perfect choice for the busy executive or anyone seeking to avoid the entanglements of conventional relationships.

Stop taking chances by connecting with random guys on social media applications such as Grindr, ManHunt and Scruff. Instead, make a responsible choice with me for guaranteed safety and satisfaction. Find out for yourself how an exceptionally warm and caring man who is eager to please can make a big difference in your life. Please email, text or call today!

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"Based on client comments and reported professionalism by clients and escorts around the country, Jon is, without any doubt, the most popular escort in the United States. He consistently rates the highest in terms of professionalism and quality in every respect."

Matt Adams, from his book, Hustlers, Escorts, and Porn Stars

"Perfection in the world of male escorts can be expressed in two words - Jon Ramsey. Your professionalism, performance, equipment (body), attitude, and joie de vie are unrivalled. You certainly have the knack of making me feel special; I'm sure all your clients feel the same way. I think I told you that our first meeting, almost a year and a half-ago now, was my first time with an escort. It was more than that, it was my first time! I have come to the realization and continually give thanks that I found the best the first time out." Ed, Newark

"Jon's body is beyond belief: the gift of great genes and the product of hard labor in the gym. His personality is a charm: friendly, relaxed, and amusing. Above all, he is skillful at his work: he is full of energy and zest. Jon Ramsey is all class." Peter, Boston

"Jon is a caring and really decent person. He is intelligent and can pass in any situation. I took him to one event where for dinner he sat next to the governor's wife (she was captivated by Jon). I have taken him to family events and he has met most of my friends. He has never embarrassed me. I have complete confidence that he can handle himself in any social situation. If he had a fan club, I would volunteer to be president. If you want a great body with something real behind the facade, Jon is your man." Joseph, New York

"Jon is certainly the most accommodating and sensitive person I have ever met. His charisma, good looks, and wonderful smile made me feel at ease and brought me to a comfort level I have never felt before. He is a beautiful person both inside and outside." Bill, New York

"Jon has done so much for me. I wish I could adequately put it all into words. I am now more comfortable with myself and less self conscious about my body. He accepted me for who I am and let me get past a lot of fears in dealing intimately with other people. I have always been in awe of guys built like Jon and thought they would want nothing to do with somebody like me. Jon has proven that theory wrong. He is one VERY special individual both physically and when it comes to dealing with people. Believe me, the few times I have been with Jon have probably done more for my self esteem than years in psychotherapy." Frank, Boston

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